Monday, January 5, 2009

We got the winners!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Hey ya hey ya....

here is the one that won get BG organic onesize diapers , congratulation!!!!

".. why you do need another cloth diapers ? "

heavy wetter baby always pee,
not enough CD, others still wet in laundry,
it's time for me, to get more nappy,
no wonder why, BG recommended minimum twenty..

new nappy called CD,
new technology here comes BG,
available @ mia bambina, so no need to worry,
got one free.. thanks from me!

".. and what made you convert to cloths ? "

completely blind when new to CD,
too many terms like Inserts, Doublers, RN, CD, OS & AIO,
if we don't try we didn't know,
once convert to cloth, i can't say NO!

nice to see.. nice to touch..
driest keeping.. keep my baby skin from rash..
great value for money.. only need to wash n wash..
a litle bit pricey.. but worth to daddy pouch.. :-)

look modern, look trendy,
best looking, easiest CD,
it's funky, and fit my baby properly,
that's why i choose cloth nappy! :-D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Sandra and All Mia Bambina customers. Enjoy online shopping!


And this is the one who won Wahmies os

My diaper collection is small,
Totals less than 5 in all,
I certainly hope for a windfall,
Please Sandra, can I have more?

Can't wash them quick enough,
Can't dry them quick enough,
Since baby loves them so much,
I need more of these good stuff!

My baby wears it day and night,
Keeps her comfy and dry, alright.
They make her smile in delight,
And I'm thankful for this foresight!

No more pain, no more rash,
Easy to clean, easy to wash,
I certainly wish I had more cash,
To build up my diaper stash!

Mother earth will thank me,
As CDs are environmental-friendly,
Let's preserve her in all its glory,
For our children's future, definitely!

Money I save aplenty,
Hubby is grinning happily,
My baby is happy as can be,
That is why, cloth diapers is for me!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


chanelwong said...

CONGRATS to both winners!!!!!! very very nice, interesting n creative....

arfizal said...


Thank you Sandra!