Monday, April 9, 2007

Mia Bambina online store

Here is my blog about my e-store. I will post new products and announcement here! And also to share some of my family life as work at home mom.

I would like to share my love to all the people who support me , when I just start my tiny e-store earlier this year. I'm so lucky to find and meet others women who shares my passion.

Without them I wouldn't have my e-store now.

I am a WAHM , work at home mom with 2 young girls.( 4 yo and 7 mo) and I've been married for 8 years this year to my dh. We've been living in 3 different countries and 4 cities in the past 8 yea

Being a WAHM in Asia is still much easier , because we used to have maid/helper here.

That makes a BIG different. Many of us complaint if our maid go back to kampung for a week. I think we really depends on maid. I couldn't imagine how can i manage my e-store without my maid handling my dd.

But in USA or Europe, a WAHM for me is my HERO. They work hard, take care of children, and making/sewing their own products to sell online. WOW.

My favorite SUPER WAHM who has a full time job as speech pathologist and has her own successful line of products , has 2 young kids, and family, manage to do her online store, doing orders, making pictures , designing new items and do website design!And chat with me on YM until midnight!LOL Hey,How can she manage that?Yup you know who you are...raise your hand Lisa! FYI Lisa Adkins is the owner of Drybees and Wahmies USA. She is the most incredible woman , and she is soooooooooooooo great to work with. Love her so much! LOL....I know I make her blushing now!

So that makes me think : I did NOTHING compare to all the WAHM in USA! What i just did is sourcing good products, make purchase, do payment, arrange shipping, update my products, replying e-mails, breastfeeding, taking care of my dds with help and cook sometimes or supervise my maid when she cooks for us. I don't need to sew or make any products. But yet I still complaint that I have many things to do.

Anyway this post is just a trial, since I'm new to all of this. Hopefully after this I will post something more useful and interesting.


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allthingspurple said...

Hi Sandra... cool blog... love the colours.

By the way, if you put up a blog column in your online store site, we moms could all put up our links there and we could all read each other's blog too. Wouldnt that be great?