Friday, April 13, 2007

On the Retailer List

Ever since I start my e-store, my life is surrounded by options to take. I must decide many important things or items that will make a big influence in my store.
There are so many good items I want to carry in, but budget wise it is still not yet possible to do.And also there are so many people suggesting me what to carry, what to bring in according to their point of view. I really grateful that people are actually care for my store. But it is impossible to carry everything for everyone. I will be still focusing on pregnancy and babies items and my specialty is always will be Cloth diapers!When one of my online customer said that miabambina is really the ultimate source for cloth diaper in Malaysia, WOW I am so proud... hahaha...sound so pathetic?
But that is exactly what I want to offer! the source of cloth diapering. That is my actual goal. And when I see my e=store is on the
RETAILER LIST on the producer makes me smile.....I DID IT! One small EAST Malaysian online store is actually on their International retailer list! OR even when the Malaysian distributor list me on their website also , when I saw that Mia bambina online, at Sabah... I couldn't be more happier.....I put SABAH there on their list! haha...

Speaking of SABAH, when I told the American company that I'm based in Borneo , Malaysia. They were like : R u in Borneo? haha I said yes.... sound like jungle right?
I said for the moment we are at Borneo, but I'm not sure until when we gonna stay here.......

OK, back about the retailer list. Actually it doesn't mean a thing for somebody else. It just a list .But for me it is like a proof that my e-store are actually EXIST! It is BRAND NEW (less than 3 months only) but it does exist! I'm still struggling with budget. website lay out , payment system and so on..but within time I'm sure I will make improvement!

DO you know the nicest thing above this all? I actually meet more people and making new friend out of it! yes.....that is the reward

Mia Bambina on International website

And hopefully more to come!

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