Saturday, April 14, 2007

How I wash my cloth diaper stash

Who said using and washing cloth diapers is difficult?
Here I want to show , how do I wash my cloth diapers every morning . Normally I start to wash at 7.30 am. I collected all the yesterday used diapers in a wetbags and pail, so it keep the smell inside the bag. I also hang wetbag to my toilet door to save place. This morning I will wash 6 of diapers that Maya used yesterday, including the night diaper, which I put on her on 9 pm last night and take out just before I wash all the diaper this morning at 7 am. Yesterday she did not poo. But After I put the diapers in to washing machine , she poop this morning :) so that poo over diaper will go to wetbag and wait for tomorrow to be wash (I dunk the solid waste into toilet and flush it)

Here are the details

This how I store my dirty cloth diaper. All inside this wetbag and I zipped it. So the smell stay inside the bag. The bag also come with fabric patch and I put a drop of tea tree or lavender oil to keep it smell nice.

Here is the pocket diaper , I took the insert out (here shown insert plus boaster). Then I put the aplix/velco tab into the laundry tab, so it wont stick to other diaper or cloth wipes that will form a laundry snake afterward!

Here is the night diaper that Maya wear last night , until this morning. I use flannel boaster and GAD onesize hemp insert and the ultimate night time diaper Drybees fleece pocket. If you can feel the insert , it was SOAKING wet! but the microsuede still dry (the part that touch baby's bottom) and it doesn't leaked. Maya wear this from 9 pm last night and I changed her, at 7 am this morning.

The wetbag and 6 diapers plus inserts and some boaster are ready to be wash.

I put the detergent. I use the most economical plain detergent powder. NO whitening, no enzyme too.

Just to give you idea on how much detergent I use to wash 6-8 diapers.

You can use a bit of Dettol if you like. I use a cap full for it for every wash.
( see my newly manicure nails? I just did it because I want to do this picture! NO...JOKING LOL)

Here is after wash. All diaper must smell fresh.

And then line dry it on my backyard. I always put the inner suede facing up. So the sun can help bleached any stain away.
This picture was take at 8.45 am. The pocket diaper will dry fast in sunny day. And the inserts will take 1-2 hours more.
Normally It will dry at about 2 -3 pm .And it is ready to use again .

to be continued.....later I will show when the diapers are dry and ready to go again!

Ok here the stash of ready to go again of fresh diapers. The pocket diaper (outer part) were dry at noon (12 o'clok) so If you got more inserts you can re-use again. The inserts dry about 2-3 hours later (at 3 pm) , hemp will dry even longer.And so bamboo fabric!

Until then!

take care


Lian said...

Hi Hi,
Just want to leave a comment here so you know I was here. Hahah. By the way, I think you give very valueble insights to mothers who wish to learn about cloth diapers. Keep it up!

Zara's Mama said...

Don't the poo leaves a yellow or brownish yucky stain on the diaper?

In the first few days whn Zaria was born, we used linen diapers, and her yellowish breast milk poo seems to just stick on to the white linen diaper?

I checked out your online store and really want to try out the cloth diaper.. but still thinking...

allthingspurple said...

sandra, you mentioned that you put the velcro tab inside the laundry tab to prevent tangling. i dont understand what the "laundry tab" means. I just put everything lock stock and barrel into the washer without doing anything about the tabs. is that allright?

BTW, Zara's mama, if you are reading this, you should give it a go. I was hesitant at first but now i even use it at night and out and about

Sandra@miabambina said...

Christine. The laundry tab I mean the one on the diaper not the washing machine :D. Sorry for not being clear.
I mean the aplix or velcro you should close it to the special velcro/aplix on the diaper so it wont stick to other clothing/diapers(making a laundry snake).
Do I make any sense? or i make it more confusing? maybe I show later with picture :D

Sandra@miabambina said...

oops forget, Christine, so now you are using cloth diaper night and about also? REALLY....
WOW...God thing ,Mamma! you put a winning grin on my face today......and for the whole week... hihihi

allthingspurple said...

oh, i got it. but only bumgenius has the laundry tab, right? that laundry tab? drybees doesnt have them. was wondering all along what that back velcro was for . ha ha.

Yea,man, using day and night and out and about too,taking my wahmies wetbag along to store them poo (if any). i figure if i go green and wanted to practice frugal living, i might as well go all out. LOL

Sandra@miabambina said...

Christine, the Drybees also have laundry tab.When you wash , you just attach the aplix on the "wing" to the tab. If not clear , please refer to drybees diaper picture on my website :D:D