Tuesday, February 26, 2008

LUNAPADS will be available in Malaysia SOON!

Hallo Mommies....
I am please to let you know that Lunapads cloth menstrual pads will be available from Mia Bambina soon! I've tried the Lunapads my self and love it and to offer a wider selection of Cloth Menstrual Pads @Mia Bambina , I think , Lunapads is THE ONE! It's natural, fresh, nice prints, and got those young spirit plus I love to work with the Lunapads team!

About Lunapads

Lunapads International is a women-owned small business based in Vancouver, Canada. Our mission is to help women have healthier and more positive experiences of their menstrual cycles, and by extension, their bodies overall. Our team is made up of a passionate group of gals who believe that using natural menstrual products is a creative and empowering way to honor and care for ourselves and the planet.

Lunapads offers a diverse selection of products designed to meet the unique needs of women of all ages. All our products have been created or chosen based on our own needs and lifestyles (in other words, we use them ourselves, and have done so for years), and we are confident we can find a solution that will work for you.


Why switch to natural menstrual products?

We hope this information will help you learn about the various alternatives to tampons and disposable maxi pads when you are thinking about your period. We have offered information here about the many alternative menstrual products we offer here at Lunapads, as well as links for more information. You may also want to read our resources section for more information about alternative menstrual products and links to other online resources.

More comfortable

Made with 100% cotton (pretty prints and colors, or organic), Lunapads and Lunapanties are far softer and more breathable than disposable pads and pantyliners. They don’t have the sticky, sweaty feeling of disposables, and there’s no glue to get stuck in uncomfortable places. Most of our customers tell us that Lunapads are far more comfortable than they had expected, even if they were not previously pad users.


The DivaCup is made from medical grade silicone and won’t dry you out the way tampons do. Because the cup collects rather than absorbs menstrual flow, it is not associated with any risk for contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome. Using Lunapads and the DivaCup also means less worry about irritation and infections caused by plastics and chemical residues found in most disposable products. To learn more about health issues associated with disposable pads and tampons, read this article about Tampon Safety written by the National Research Center for Women and Families.


Natural products’ reusability will save you money as well as trips to the drugstore. Switching to reusable products will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over time. Click here for a more detailed explanation.


Like recycling bottles and newspapers, washing Lunapads or rinsing out the DivaCup is a little more work than throwing away your used pads and tampons. But with over 14 billion pads, tampons and applicators going into North American landfills every year, it’s a small but important way of taking personal responsibility for a massive environmental problem.


Misc productsMany of our customers report that they come to enjoy caring for their Lunapads and DivaCup, and that it helps them feel more positive about their cycles and in touch with their bodies overall.

It may sound strange if you’re new to the idea, but after using your new natural menstrual products over time, they start to feel like old friends. There is something very gentle, intimate and comforting about using them every month. After a while, the idea of going to a drugstore to buy pads or tampons seems like an unimaginable waste of time and money, when you could just be spending time taking care of yourself instead.

Be sure to check back and join our mailing list to get update of our newest items @ Mia Bambina!

Be save and keep healthy !



allthingspurple said...

i have a blue one but am looking forward to prettier colours from you. Yay, Sandra, for bringing them in !!

allthingspurple said...

i had mine at 14 too, so late, and all my friends were laughing at me. I used to think that undernourished kids have them later than kids with healthy appetite, looking at my childhood friends then. The skin and bone type had them later. But i think with the unhealthy food of today, girls are getting them earlier

charantya said...

im having it at 14 too! when im 11yo...during fasting month... my fren tell me that she is not fasting due to "uzur (sick)".

to me uzur means literally to sick... any sickness ...maybe gastric???

so i asked her.... what kind of sick?

she tell me whispering at my ear, with blushing on her face... bukan sakit biasa la... ini uzur period la... dtg bulan.

im so shocked... wahhh... very early...

kihkihkih.... thats my shame experinced about period...

with preggy and bf... i miss my period so much... cant wait to try those exciting lunapads. its been 10months.... hahaha