Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My "welcome to womanhood" presents for my nieces

I got my first period when I was 14 years old. A bit late compare to my friends that time. They got theirs when they were 11-13 years old. But now a days it seems that the young girls got their period even earlier. I heard that some girls got their first at the age of 9!

Since I start to converted to Cloth pads last year, I think I really should spread the news to other women and friends. I really love cloth menstrual pads and never even think to change back to disposable ever again. I enjoy every second of it, the softness, the texture, the fabric choices, even the laundry part!

So I thought , I should really introduce this to my own nieces! I have 4 lovely nieces. Abby ( 14), Daphne ( 12) , Zoe ( 10) , and Jade ( 7). Abby got her period last year and I gave her a set of teen pads and wetbags as a gift to welcome her to the womanhood. She is thrilled with the pads , the prints, and the comfort. She wash her pads her self , and no complaining and she did a great job according to her mom.

My 2nd eldest niece is Daphne , She is 12 and just got her period a few months back. She came here to visit me in KK during CNY, and got her period while she was here. What a perfect time to start, so this Aunty Sandra asked her to choose any of the cloth pads I have instock, plus she can order any prints she wants and I will have it custom made for her ( see that is the luck to have an aunt who run online store for cloth pads :)) She also got wetbags to bring the pads from school, and also Scarlet Secret!
She was so excited and love the cute prints and colors. She didn't feel gross to wash it and the best thing was she even sms her best friend about this, and asked me if her friend wants it, can I send it over to Jakarta. :)

Her start up stash included: wing regular pads , heavy pads for night, Endura pads for her sport day at school, panty liners. And as soon as I got my Lunapads in stock she will have that too!:)

So after this my next niece that will embrace the womanhood will be Zoe! :) then I will have t a few years of gap before Jade's turn!

I think it is such a great things to start for teenager. The less they will be exposed to chemical stuffs is better. I started late, but still better than nothing! :)

I think those teenager girls can really inspire us more. If a teen girl can do it and be responsible to do their washing and don't even feel gross , why would a woman like us still hesitate to change to cloths menstrual pads?

You are more than worth it.


Jess said...

Too bad nobody around me uses cloth pad when I started out. I think it's really great of you to share it with them... also teaches them to love the environment more. Thumbs up!

giddy tigress said...

Yeah, when I started embracing womanhood, it was considered "old fashioned" to use cloth methods. I'm glad this has come into "fashion" now, but I still have not used them yet.

farrahar said...

sandra.. will u be my aunty too?? *shuttering eyelashes*

Sandra@miabambina said...

Jess, I think so, to teach them to have more respect to our environment and at the same time to respect our self more.

Giddytigress: hi thanks to stop by. Yes I think the fashion now is that we are more concern about our health , and want more natural things.

Far: your shuttering eyelashes not that "DASYHAT" enough to me make me your aunty! kekekekekekekekekeke.......